Structure Of Two years B.Ed Course

Sr No Title Description
1 Practice teaching

Practice teaching Committee                                                                                                                        

President: Mrs. Nitisha Jha

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Shubhangi Kore

Student Representative: Group leader



•  To provide the student teachers with the necessary guidance to lesson planning.

•  To give detailed Orientation on all aspects of practice teaching.

•  To conduct workshop on instructional material for effective teaching.

•  To acquaint the students to different methodologies in teaching learning.


List of Practice Teaching School

• Nirmal Memorial Foundation Junior college of Commerce and Science, Kandivali 

• Nirmala English School, Kandivali 

•  KES school, Kandivali

•  Sheth G.H High School, Borivali

•   Jamanadas Adukiya School, Kandivali


The activities held by the practice teaching committee are:

   •     Conducting teacher Educator’s demo lesson in various method

•   Making provisions for student teacher in school, college for giving  macro lessons,  theme based lessons,  co-teaching lessons with school teachers.

•     Helping student to prepare time table during practice teaching school.

•  Helping student to organizing various co-curricular activities in school.

•  Maintaining record of practice teaching marks of student teacher.

2 Practice Teaching 2


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