Best Practices

NEW ONE : Teaching Learning Process

Objectives of the Practice:

To ensure the completion of syllabus according to the academic calendar of College

To encourage teachers to adapt to advance pedagogical methods including ICT adoption in class room teaching

To improve pass percentage, average marks in each semester and enhance the number of ranks bagged by the college at the university level examinations

To increase the placement of college as quality of students would be improved

The context : Different teachers use different methods to teach in class. They teach at different paces. It was observed that syllabus coverage remains a challenge when there is need of uniformity. The teachers find it difficult to keep pace with the techno – savvy student learners. There was a need of uniformity and standard setting so that everyone is able to meet the objective of best teaching practices. It has become essential for teachers to adopt to the latest pedagogic styles and include ICT in class room teaching. The mismatch between the student learner and the teacher in the use and comfort of handling varieties of tools available for teaching – learning needs to bridged.

The practice :

calendar is planned by the respective department under the instructions of I/C Principal

Academic calendar is uploaded on the website for information to students, teachers and others.

On the basis of that, every faculty prepares the academic planner in the form of course file which is audited by the department head.

The heads of different departments monitor the pace of coverage of the syllabus

Timely Feedback is obtained from students regarding the content delivery by different teachers.

Assignments, tests and evaluation are conducted at scheduled dates to improve performance in the semester – end examinations.

Timeline of Assignments, syllabus coverage is monitored by the Head of Department at regular intervals

All the class rooms are ICT ready and all the departments adapted their class room teaching with the help of ICT.

Evidence of Success

All teachers have adopted modern pedagogic styles and ICT in their classes.

Appropriately paced and timely completion of syllabus. On the feedback taken from students regarding syllabus completion

Increased attendance in the classes

Improvement in results.

Problems encountered and Resources required.

This practice requires a monitoring system which can show the progress and gaps at each point of time. The institute ERP is serving the purpose but it needs upgradations as the time changes.

Documentary evidence for the said Best Practices:

Parents and Students Feedback on Instalments facility provided by the College – Students Feedback on timely completion of syllabus and satisfaction on delivery of curriculum -

EVENT : BEST PRACTICE 4 : Provided Facility of Additional Installment period for payment of Fees during Pandemic

Objectives of the Practice:

To reduce financial stress and burden to students and their families in a pandemic period.

Context :

In the pandemic period Students have undergone various problems of stress- personal, academic, physical, mental and financial. Understanding the problem of financial crunch that students are facing, the college decided to provide more installment facilities for fee payments. This practice gave emotional, financial stability to students and their family members.

The Practice :

The number of installment facility was increased by

Evidence of Success :

Evidence of the success of the practice includes parents and students who were satisfied with the extended help provided by the college. The feedback taken from parents related to financial assistance provided by college , revealed that 23.79 percent said the approach was excellent and 52.93 percent expressed that the college gave a good approach towards fee payment in installments.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

This practice requires committed non teaching staff and upgraded software to maintain the fee record of the students coming in installments.

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