Minutes of meeting

Minutes of Meetings 2020

Sr No year Meeting date
1201717th August 2017



  • Reorganization of the committee for the smooth conduct of university exam

Committee was formed and instructed to handle entire internal and external university exam smoothly in systematic manner.


  • Plan of Action for preparing of files. 

A plan of action for forthcoming year 2018-2019 was chalked out.


  • Quality Appraisal of
  • Practice Teaching Sessions –
  • General feedback about student teachers. 

All faculty members did a quality appraisal of the academic and non-academic activities conducted in the college till date.

Student teachers showing good performance and student teachers showing below average performance were identified. Activities to enhance the performance of the student teachers were planned.

  • Preparation and formation of Academic Calendar

Academic calendar was finalized in consultation with the faculty members, the Principal  & IQAC members.

The focus of the academic calendar was on the following activities.


  • Commencement of Language Club.
  • Identification of best Action Research Projects. 
  • Practicum work to be completed during the academic year 
  • Remedial and Mentoring Sessions
  • Extension Work.

Faculty members were requested to submit a tentative plan of action for the portfolios handled by them to facilitate smooth functioning of college activities.

  • Conveying of thanks to all

Committee acknowledged the work done by the members and motivated them to continue with quality work.

220188th February 2018


08. 02.2018

Following points were discussed in the meeting,

  • Student grievances and issues

Students’ issues were discussed. Timing of assignment submission was finalized and date was fixed. Issues related to canteen and sanitation were discussed and concerned person were informed


  • Program for the annual day and cultural activities
  • Analysis of the SEM- 4 result and plan for student progression

Analysis of result-SEM-I & III university Exam will be done and accordingly planned for student progression. It was decided that Remedial teaching, tutorial and assignments will be given on the regular class teaching schedule.

  • Preparation of study material

It was decided to prepare learning material-notes for the student and compiled notes for all the courses for semester II students to be submitted latest by 10th March 2018 to incharge teacher Ms. Usha Iyer


  • Organization of pre-planned educational activities- Picnic, Educational movie, Women’s day celebration, Holi celebration

 It was decided in the staff meeting that class picnic for both first year and second year students to be taken to Silent resort. Principal Sir asked the picnic incharge teacher Ms. Glany Gonsalves madam to speak to Ajit Desai sir and finalize the arrangement for the picnic.

Holi celebration to be held on 2nd March 2018, Friday from 3pm to 5pm in lecture hall room no. 711. Accordingly necessary provisions to be done in the class timetable by timetable incharge Ms. Shubham Patil madam. Ms. Navita Sood will make all the required arrangements for the program.

Women’s Day celebration to be held on 8th March 2018, Thursday from 3pm to 5pm in lecture hall room no. 711. Accordingly necessary provisions to be done in the class timetable by timetable incharge Ms. Shubham Patil madam. Ms. Nitisha Jha will make all the required arrangements for the program.

It was decided to show Bollywood movie Tare zameen par as an educational movie as a part of internal activity.



  • Taking the stock of papers published by the faculty

IQAC members were instructed to take a stock all papers

  • Discussion on NAAC criteria 3 and suggestion for the improvement
  • Discussion on NAAC Criteria 7
  • Any other matter with the permission of the chair.


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