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Minutes of Meetings 2020

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Minutes of Meetings held on 29.06.2021

For the smooth functioning academic calendar various committees were formed and these are as Follows

  • Examination, Internal Assessment and Admission
  • Internship/ Practice Teaching committee
  • Student Council.
  • CCA, Assembly, Student Grievance
  • Research –cell
  • Alumni
  • WDC and Anti-ragging
  • Placement

Academic calendar for the entire year was discussed and MRS. Shubhangi kore was assigned the work to prepare the academic calendar for the academic year 2021-22

Dr. Tandra Bandyopadhyay instructed staff To prepare criteria wise file and allotted all 7 criteria to staff members.


Minutes of Meeting 11-10-2021

  • It was discussed to upgrade library and list of new reference books were given to the librarian to be purchased.

  • Student’s grievance and the measures to control absenteeism were discussed in the meeting.

  • It was discussed and finalized that in house Internship will be conducted and Eco- friendly activities will be given for the community work.

  • Tentative dates for Class test and essay test dates were finalized. Ms. Charu Singh and Ms. Nitisha Jha were the in charges for the internal test and accordingly have they to make preparation and planning for it.


Minutes of the meeting held on : 3-01-2022

All the staff members discussed and showed the work done in their portfolio

  • Team was formed to maintain the college website on regular basis.
  • Two MoUs were signed with Atharva College of engineering and KES College of commerce and science.
  • Format and design of college magazine was finalized. It has been decided that Ms. Sweety singh will have to form Magazine committee and for this student representative will help them.
  • Three schools were shortlisted to be approached by the placement cell committee. These schools are as follows-
  1. Orchid International School
  2. Oxford International School
  3. Thakur VidyaMandir

Minutes of the meeting held on : 24-02-2022

  • Every staff members were given a portfolio for smooth functioning of the college activity.
  • Special workshops were finalized for enhancing the skills of future teachers.
  • VENTAL activity was finalized for the skill enhancement of students.
  • Handmade mask distribution, planting a medical sampling, food distribution to needy people etc activities was decided.
  • Following Schools were finalized for the next year’s internship.
  1. Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Vidyalakshi School,
  2. Thakur VidyaMandir,
  3. Adukiya English School,
  4. Nirmala Memorial Foundation School,
  5. Nirmala Memorial Foundation Jr. College of Commerce and Science.
  6. KES Jr. College of Arts and Commerce
  7. Sheth Gopalji Hemraj High School, Borivali East
  8. Sheth Gopalji Hemraj Junior College, Borivali East.



Minutes of the meeting held on : 29-06-2022

  • New staff was appointment for the commerce method.

  • Students were instructed to grow the medicinal plan maintain it and donate it to the college

  • Special session was conducted to sensitize students about garbage segregation plan.

  • Organized a workshop for developing professional website for teaching and learning.

  • Students were divided in an internship groups.


Minutes of the meeting held on : 12-10-2022

Discussion with Pidilite Company was held for teaching students to enhance quality of teaching aids.

Teachers were allotted and trained for the admission duty.

Mrs. Swati Sharma was appointed as a cultural in charge and team of students was created for the cultural program.

Teachers were encourage to attend FDP, and workshop related to NAAC.

Students were divided in a internship groups.


Minutes of the meeting held on : 14-01-2023

Gallery walk was organized for gender sensitization by F.Y.B.Ed under the guidance of Mrs. Anjana Tawani.

All 7 criteria of NAAC were allotted to Teachers.

Mrs. Sweety Singh was appointed as a website in charge and team of students was created for the same.

Teachers were encouraged to attend FDP, and workshop related to NAAC.

Session by Mrs. Pinki Tripathi was organized to enhance the skill of CV making and skill of facing interview was discussed.


Minutes of the meeting held on : 09-03-2023

  • All faculty members showed the work done so far in their criteria and had a democratic discussion on the query related to their respective criteria.
  • IIQA form format was shown to each faculty member and discussion was held on form filling. Admin staff was informed and instructed to provide necessary data for the IIQA.
  • Staff members were given the timeline for NAAC and entire NAAC process was discussed.
  • Staff members were instructed to be prepared for the NAAC meeting with management and experts in the field.
  • Teachers were encouraged to attend FDP, and workshop related to NAAC.

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