S.Y.B.Ed. Class Picnic to Silent Hill Resort

Picnic at Silent Hill resort was a memorable one with water slides and rain dances. The students were served with delicious lunch and the special day ended with some snacks and gifts for the students. The students were very thankful to the principal for arranging such as memorable and fabulous day-out. All the students reached home safely but with lot of joy and excitement.

F.Y.Class Picnic-The Great Escape Water Park

The Great escape is one of its kind. The day was filled with loads of fun for teachers as well as students. Numerous interesting water slides were present. The food served was excellent. There were guards everywhere who are vigilant all the time for safety of all. It reduced a lot of stress of exams and provided a rejuvenating experience. All students arrived home safely with happiness and loads of memories.

Great Escape Water Park

One-day college picnic was organized on 8th October 2022 for students as well as teachers to The Great Escape Water Park. The excitement among the students was palpable, as they chatted and joked with their friends, eagerly anticipating the fun filled day ahead. To beat the heat some students decided to swim in thrilling sides at the resort. All the Students were excited and shook their legs to the thumping dance numbers played in the rain dance. The picnic was a huge success, providing the students with an opportunity to bond with their peers and teachers to create unforgettable memories

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