Nirmala Memorial Foundation, a flourishing institution affiliated to the University of Mumbai made its humble genesis in 2003, through the enlightened vision and guidance of Mr. Thakurbhai Desai.

As an institution its purpose is to impart quality education to students of all creeds in general and the Gujarati Linguistic Minority in particular. The college strives to develop the intellectual powers of students and all concerned, continuously and consistently through methods that are participative, interactive and facilitative in a measurable manner. Also to train them to be responsible and worthy citizens by adopting change in its path.

Set up in 2008, Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Education is affiliated to the University of Mumbai, Recognised by NCTE. The B.Ed. College made its humble genesis with an enlightened mission. As a Gujarati Linguistic Minority, its purpose is to impart Quality Education to the masses. It strives to develop creativity, Innovations, constructivism, skills, positive attitudes, interests in learners continuously and consistently. Interactive, participatory involvement and facilitation of students in lessons given by teachers is infused in training to produce responsible worthy Indian Citizen Teachers who are technologically savvy within their life spheres.

College Ethos

NMFCE has committed dedicated, passionate, sincere team of a dozen teachers with a vision and mission. They have strong work ethics & are multitasking, eager to steer to college to growth & excellence. Employing innovative, creative, constructive involving practices for teaching, supervising, mentoring, directing, co-ordinating efforts. Brainstorming sessions are organised with concept mapping, mind mapping, brain mapping with ICT, globalization. Detailed guidance & counselling is provided before & after the exams. Feedback is given to improvise lessons. Principal & teachers expect best overall performances. Students are groomed to participate in intra & inter B.Ed Collegiate Competitions; training in technologies, LPG, soft skills, core values, incorporation of ten core elements to use resources optimally for learning. All this is accomplished with a lot of gusto & ardour in NMFCE. NMFCE believes in bequeathing Quality Education to the masses.

Nirmala provides excellent infrastructure to facilitate the education process and enhance the learning ability of the teacher traniees through availing amenities like:

* 8 storeyed building with modern, air conditioned office blocks, well equipped classrooms, corridors, 2 elevators are provided
* ICT enabled fully furnished library with largest collections of international journals, books, magazines, newspapers, research reports, CAI packages, spacious reading
rooms are available.
* Air-conditioned computer laboratories with 150 advanced machines & licensed software is available.
* Well equipped organized & spacious gymkhana is offered.
* 2 airconditioned mini & macro auditoriums used.
* Comfort common rooms for girls and boys provided.
* Hygienic & nutritious canteen facilities are available.
* State of the Art technology in its teaching process making use of mike systems, LCD projectors are present and used optimally for the benefit of students who are taught Word Processing, Spreadsheets (EXCEL) , Website Designing & Audio Video Editing for blended learning.
* List of Database is given to students for references during 11 weeks internship.
* Love of reading is promoted by notice board, display cases.

A perfect blend of dedicated and forward looking Management and committed Teaching and Non Teaching Staff have ensured that the college is on the right trend and have steered it in the right direction.

The greatest strength of the college is that it is managed by academicians, who not only understand and respect the value of education and educationists but also believe that knowledge is power and the value of knowledge lies not in its accumulation but in its utilization.





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