Best Practices

BEST PRACTICE 1: Robust student support service

1. Title of the practice: Robust student support service.
2. Objective of the practice:
ï‚· The program is designed in such a way as to help all student-teachers develop their educational, social, emotional, career, and personal strengths. Institute is committed to maximizing individual distinctiveness and the development of human potential.
ï‚· Promotion of student success, satisfaction, and retention is the main objective
ï‚· To engage students to take full advantage of available resources and opportunities to make informed decisions on their academic success
ï‚· To develop the necessary skill, knowledge, and attributes to complete the education and achieve maximum academic success and career readiness.
3. The context: At Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Education, the student support services staff is available to assist students with a wide range of issues and concerns that might arise at different times.
The college provides a variety of student support services-, these include-
ï‚· Orientation programme for newly admitted students
ï‚· Counseling and mental wellness
ï‚· Orientation programme at the beginning of each semester
ï‚· Continuous Professional Development.
4. The practice: The report studies best practices in the delivery of Student Support Services. The data have shown that participation in student support services has a positive effect on student outcomes.
The most important practice
ï‚· Extensive student service contacts
ï‚· Facility of installment for the payment of college fees
ï‚· An emphasis on academic support to the student
5. Evidence of Success: The students are more likely to succeed when they are directed, focused, nurtured, engaged, connected, and valued. Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Education, possesses excellent assessment, case management, crisis intervention, and interpersonal and communication skills which is a great step towards evidence of the success of student support. Evidence of success can be shown through the flyers and photographs clicked during the events.
6. Problems Encountered and Resources required: A student council committee is a team of dedicated members who are ready to help all needy students whenever required particularly in the area of teaching-learning. Especially for students from a vernacular medium who face problems in understanding the concepts, special lectures are arranged for them and help them to translate and prepare notes for the courses. Students who are unable to pay college fees on time are given extra time to pay the college fees.
7. Note: By offering support when students are failing or struggling, NMFCE reaffirms unconditional positive regard for the student.

BEST PRACTICE 2 : Provided Facility of Additional Installment period for payment of Fees during Pandemic

Objectives of the Practice:

To reduce financial stress and burden to students and their families in a pandemic period.

Context :

In the pandemic period Students have undergone various problems of stress- personal, academic, physical, mental and financial. Understanding the problem of financial crunch that students are facing, the college decided to provide more installment facilities for fee payments. This practice gave emotional, financial stability to students and their family members.

The Practice :

The number of installment facility was increased by

Evidence of Success :

Evidence of the success of the practice includes parents and students who were satisfied with the extended help provided by the college. 

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

This practice requires committed non teaching staff and upgraded software to maintain the fee record of the students coming in installments.

BEST PRACTICE 3: Effective use of technology in education

1. Title of the Practice: Effective use of technology in education.

2. Objective of the practice:

ï‚· To improve the quality of education and enhance the learning process.

ï‚· To develop better and more efficient methods for carrying out different activities.

ï‚· To provide students with the opportunity to develop skills that are essential for lifelong learners.

ï‚· To encourage and deliver students with a learning experience in instructional technology.

3. Context: In the institution, the vital role of technology in education is that teachers can serve all study material so that students can better understand the topic and solve the problem easier. Effective use of Technology in education leads to improve quality of studying, better communication facilitates skills and knowledge for students.

4. The practice: It provides students with a more interactive and dynamic experience. Students feel more connected to the learning process which can encourage them to take an active role in education. The practices help student-teacher as well as teachers to align work, integrate technology into lesson plans, provide support, and monitor and access the student-teacher progress.

5. Evidence of success: Advance in technology, the institute has enabled dramatic changes in education content, delivery, and accessibility. Educational technology has fostered BEST PRACTICE 2 collaboration, transformation, and supportive learning. Technology has helped to be more creative, access learning material, and benefited in many subject areas within the curriculum. Evidence of success can be shown through the flyers and photographs clicked during the events.

6. Problems encountered and resources required: NMFCE, learn how to embrace education technology with our experts. Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and opportunities to practice. There is various resource provided such as Virtual classroom, program, or website platform that embrace multimedia projects or presentations. Technical help is given to students in the preparation of PowerPoint presentations required to be prepared for the course assignments.

7. Note: Hence, In Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Education, it allows teachereducators as well as student-teacher to advance with the use of technology. Overall, technology had a positive effect on education

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