Students Council

1 Students council

Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.
In order to ensure democratic atmosphere in the campus, the college has Students’ Council right from its inception.


  1. Smooth Conduction of the Institute Annual Day every year.
  2. Prevention of ragging in the campus through counseling senior students, helping the administration whenever necessary.
  3. Suggesting the administration to improve the student amenities to improve their career and personality building.
  4. Helping the administration in smooth conduct of student activities on the campus.
  5. Encouraging innovative and creative skills of the students.
  6. Organize the programs in the campus to improve the cleanliness and greenery in campus.
  7. Maintenance of the peace and harmony among campus community in General and student community in particular.

Members of Students ‘Council-

  1. Principal –Chairman
  2. One Lecturer nominated by the Principal
  3. Teacher-In-Charge of Extension Activity
  4. One student from each class, who has shown academic merit at the examination held in the preceding year and who is engaged in full time studies in the college nominated by the Principal
  5. Director of Sports and Physical Education,
  6. One student from each of the following activities, who has shown outstanding performance, nominated by the Principal namely:
    (1) Sports;
    (2) Extension Activity;
    (3) Cultural Activities
  7. Two Lady students nominated by the Principal Provided that, two of the students from the categories VII and VIII shall be those belonging to the Scheduled caste or scheduled Tribes or De-notified Tribes(Vimukta Jatis)or nomadic Tribes or other Backward Classes.

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